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P.O. Box 50911
Bellevue, WA 98015-0911

(425) 577-5700

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Reverse 911 System

The Community Telephone Emergency Notification System, sometimes called Reverse 911, is built to pull up a selected grouping of phone numbers, call the number and play a prerecorded message giving emergency instructions to whoever receives the message. The system uses software to call selected phone numbers based on the geographic location of the billing address for the number.  

Reverse 911 is only used for high-priority community notifications or public safety emergencies.

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NORCOM Contact List

NORCOM e-mail accounts are public domain. Any correspondence from or to these e-mail accounts may be a public record. Accordingly, e-mails, in whole or in part, may be subject to disclosure pursuant to RCW 42.56 regardless of any claim of confidentiality or privilege asserted by an external party.

Call or e-mail NORCOM's Deputy Director for complaints, compliments, or inquiries regarding NORCOM personnel or business.

Tom Orr Tom Orr Executive Director &
Public Information Officer
(425) 577-5671  
Mike Mandella Mike Mandella Deputy Director
(425) 577-5681  
Karen Furuya Karen Furuya Technology Manager
(425) 577-5692  
Sheryl Mullen Sheryl Mullen Accreditation, Facilities, &
Continuity of Operations Manager
(425) 577-5676  
Susan Beisheim Susan Beisheim Human Resources Manager
(425) 577-5674  
Gwen Pilo Gwen Pilo Finance Manager
(425) 577-5673  
Media Contact Line Media Contact Line  
(425) 577-5777  
  7 Digit Emergency Line