What is Reverse 911?

The Community Telephone Emergency Notification System, sometimes called Reverse 911, is built to pull up a selected grouping of phone numbers, call the number and play a prerecorded message giving emergency instructions to whoever receives the message. The system uses software to call selected phone numbers based on the geographic location of the billing address for the number. Phone numbers are supplied by the phone companies to the system each year to update the database. If a citizen or business moves or changes a phone number between phone company updates, they will need to notify the police department to make sure their information is up to date in the system. The numbers supplied by the phone company do not include unlisted numbers, so those people who wish to be notified in an emergency will need to supply their number to NORCOM. Additionally, if a person or business does not wish to be notified in an emergency they can request that their number be removed from the database.

Reverse 911

Please fill in the following information regarding whether you wish to ADD, CHANGE or DELETE your information from the Reverse 911 Database. The information will not be sold but is a matter of public record and subject to disclosure. Reverse 911 is only used for high-priority community notifications or public safety emergencies.

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